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Day Tour – Battlefields of the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902)

07h30 – Breakfast

08h00 – Guide arrives – Background “Briefing” over coffee

09h00 – Depart for Frere

09h30 – Arrive at Frere (site of the British Camp and the Capture of Winston Churchill)

09h30 to 10h30 – Presentation: The capture of Winston Churchill

10h30 – Depart for Clouston (Battle of Colenso).

10h45 – Arrive at Clouston

10h45 to 12h00 – Presentation: The Battle of Colenso (First Phase)

12h00 – Depart for the Gun Position

12h15 to 12h45 - The Gun Position: The Battle of Colenso (Final Phase)

12h45 to 13h30 – Lunch at the Colenso Club (or picnic lunch)

13h30 – Depart for Spioenkop

14h00 – Arrive at Spioenkop

14h00 to 16h30 – Presentation: The Battle of Spioenkop

16h30 – Depart for accommodation, arriving approx 17h45