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Planning a conference, re-union or team building weekend? You might like to consider engaging Ron for an hour or two. This could be as a formal speaker for education purposes or as a story teller for your entertainment. Some of the popular topics are:

The Zulu People

  • The rise and fall of the Zulus as a military power – Gqokli Hill to Isandlwana
  • Shaka – Great leader or bloody tyrant?
  • The development of the Zulu war machine.

South Africa

  • South Africa - the Early Peoples and the Migrations from the North
  • South Africa - an Historical Timeline – Bushmen to the Boers
  • Our rich and varied history with a twist – the truth this time!

Past Conflicts

  • The Anglo Zulu War (1879)
  • The Anglo Boer War (1899–1902)
  • Blood River and the Voortrekkers in Natal
  • The Battle of Spioenkop
  • And many others.